Sinful Batmobile Lust

I was observing a discussion in our forum today about fornication and I got stuck on the following quote from a christian fellow:

"It does not matter even if it was not a sexual act that was the result of lust, for example lusting after a sportscar, it is still the outcome of lust, then it is sin."

Lusting after cars is a sin now? Aww man, they've got a sin for everything! Luckily my old Camry isn't enticing any poor sods into damnation... Where's the line between longing, deep admiration and evil car lust? Lusting after the car in your heart is the same as actually having sex with the car.

Forgive me father for I have looked lustfully on the Batmobile. It seems I was guilty of 'lust' way before puberty 'cause I always longed for a big black bat car. I thought this forum comment was a good excuse to compile a series of Batmobile pictures to lust after. I'm told they're pretty phallic... if you're into black phallic things.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I'd so love to ride around town in a Batmobile.

mothpete said...

Sex in your car, you say? While driving? Yes, you're on the highway to hell, but meh at that, eh? We're all gonna go to hell and the joke is that god will spend eternity laughing at us all while torturing us... sorta like a cosmic Jigsaw character serial pscychopath from Saw. He gave us choices and we all came short. Take this suckers!