The Joker's On You

Silent Dark Knight, oh Holy Dark Knight
All is calm, and filled with such fright
Why so quiet? What happened when young?
Has the Catwoman got your bat tongue?

Batman, oh Batman, how you complete me
Sneer and grimace but you'll never beat me
No winners at all, not me and not you
We can't have your cape and both eat it too

Gotham is ours, our playground of fools
Its borish people are all but my tools
The city is ripe for my class of crime
all ready to squeal, at my fine punchline

So brooding, so black, stark from my white
A smile on your dial would be my delight
Two sides of a penny, chaos and control,
No smile lines showing, frowns take their toll

Dance with me Batman, make my dark night
show me that passion, keep up that fight
Hit me until we're far past delirious
I'll smack lips asking, Oh... why so serious?

1 comment:

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I agree. I just saw the movie yesterday and think it's the best flick of the year. Heath's Joker is the best of the two by far and if was going to become a psychopathic killer I'd be just like him. Very cool.