Christians Fundamentalists Creationists Bush - Bill Hicks (on Youtube)

Fundamentalist Christianity, fascinating. These people actually believe the world is twelve thousand years old. Well how fucking scientific. Didn't know you went to so much trouble.You believe the world is 12000 years old?Muh-uh.You think it would be mentioned in the fucking bible.The trail was blocked was a huge brontosaurus. What a big fucking lizard, Lord.But Jesus was unafraid. And removed the splinter from his paw. And Jesus sent him to Scotland. Americans brought their fat fucking dollars.

But get this. Dinosaur fossils. How does this fit into your view of life. Dinosaur fossils? God put those here to test our faith! Does that trouble anyone here?Some prankster god, running around.We will see who believes in me now. Ho ho ho. You die and saint peter, flying lizards? God was fucking with you!

It seemed so plausible!!....Ever notice how people who believe in Creationism seem really unevolved? I believe god created me in one day.Well... definitely looks like he rushed it....

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