Tip the pizza guy

While scraping for money, working all sorts of odd jobs, from boxing up fish to department store Santa, the worst of them all was pizza delivery. I worked for Pizza Hut and, man, did that company suck. I don't know how they get away with paying their drivers so little. At least the drivers were allowed to eat undelivered pizza, but even this was ceased by head management.

Anyway, tip the drivers. Give them a tip. If you don't tip pizza delivery drivers, there's a special level of hell in store for you after you die that includes canned meat and post 2003 britney Spears video clips.

The following story is from TIP THE PIZZA GUY (check it out - some bloody funny stories) and isn't this one just typical of the 'me me' mindset of big Christian churches:

One time I had to deliver to a huge megachurch. They ordered over $200 in food and I had my car packed so full I couldn't see out the back window or the passenger side. This particularly made me nervous because I was driving on icy roads.I arrived safely at the church and ran inside to find who was in charge of taking the food. The woman asked me to drive around to the back of the church instead. So I did, and the curb there was quite a ways away from the door. I carried the food in -- it took around 10 trips or so -- and made each trip all the way to the door, through the main level of the church, down to the basement, and then across the basement.

The woman made a point to tell me how great the store handled the order. Then when she was filling out the credit card, on the portion where you can add in a tip, she wrote in a big fat zero. And as she did this, she asked me to donate money to their church! I politely said something or other about not having extra cash to do this and then she proceeded to tell me I should come back to their Christmas program in a few days and pay 6 bucks to see it.

This church was a good distance from our store, and in the amount of time it took me to load up my car, drive there, carry in that much food and drive back, I missed most of the dinner rush (and therefore missed other chances to make tips.) I get paid less than minimum wage and lost out on gas money.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of when I briefly worked in a nice mid range restaurant. Everyone hated working the early shift on Sunday because the church crowd that came in around noon were notoriously bad tippers. This was in a fairly well to do neighborhood and the people who would frequent the place after services would show up in nice cars and dress well.

Heck, when I and my friends were "starving college students" and we went out to eat, we'd tip better than these rich old, good Christian farts.

Anonymous said...

I learned that sometimes the things your want most,
You just can't have.
Or the drinking,
Or the hook-ups
Taking the chances
And then making the most of them
The things which we most need to talk about
I learned that once you get to college,
Things don't automatically get better