Derren Brown - NLP Persuasion skills

Search for Derren Brown on Youtube and will see how a well-practiced expert can persuade people to change behaviour. This is done by suggestion, distraction and subliminal language.

In the church that got me, we started in a room with the elders and through a process of persuasive techique we believed that we received the "holy spirit" after a fervent and 'powerul' session. Many of us left that room after being convinced that the ecstatic speech, we had allowed our mouths to make, was actually the evidence that a god had now possessed our souls and would help us through life.

Through regular attendence we were continually persuaded to hang onto the faith and encouraged to maintain the tongue speaking nonsense as our link to the God above through the God filled within via the god that hung around between us. Keeping a one way conversation with three gods can be tricky, especially when the language used was gobbledegood in the first place. Gotta hand it to them tongue-speaking Christians... they're dumbfucks.

Watch the video... this one features Simon Pegg. Brilliant. And I love it that the magician actually tells us how he did it at the end rather than winking and wanking at us, like the idiotic spoon benders do.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding video. I've read and heard about subliminal suggestion. It's really cool to see how it's done. The explanation at the end is priceless.

Christ, Jesus H. said...

Wow... very interesting! I can't believe that works, that he'd actually forget he wrote 'leather jacket.'

Just an aside, for those who like religious satire:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his fast pace speaker also doesn't play into this. "excitement" is often used in coercive language.

This provacative (and scary) video.
Thanks for sharing.

snakey said...

Oh yeah! its vital to keep up regular attendence. The cunts know if you miss a few sessions you'll forget and loose the knack & gawd forbid start THINKING!

In my experiences the 'training' was much more blatent than any sales or con job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! You might get more results for 'Derren Brown' though, since that's his actual name.