Socrates meets Jesus (and gets some serious pwnage)

There is one basic question that has always been uppermost in my mind. With my limited understanding, it often seems to me that life, even with all its sound and fury, really signifies nothing. Please tell me: How should a man live; what is the purpose of life?

Jesus - Simply because there is some evil in the world does not negate the good: You must thank God for that. God must exist because; where did the world come from if he did not create it?

Socrates - It is not necessarily your God that created the world: There are thousands of other priests who claim that their God did it. Just because I do not have the answer, does not mean that I must accept yours without examining it. I could just as logically demand that you believe that Zeus created the world. Even if I agree that God created the world, that is the end of the definition of the qualities of God and we can't logically proceed from that to the assumption that the other aspects of your definition of God are correct.


Anonymous said...

I think moth bainbridge is one of those people who wanted to be a somebody in his fellowship, not realizing that to be a somebody you must first be a nobody. 2Pe 2:21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

TruthNomads (note the anagram moth!)LOL "God's Word Matters"

mothpete said...

Thou hypocrite. You love this admit it. Ahh, ever the troll, who wants to be my friend. get the hint freako Christiano. You are everything about Christianity that stinks. the christian cultist website troll.

Actually I was a super 'houseleader' before I stood down from the position. I bet they didn't let you look after a 'housegroup' - we didn't tend to give that job out to the 'nuttier' types.

But this relates to the Socrates article... how? Do you have an ability to talk about philosophy? Or does that stuff actually make too much sense?

tina FCD said...

Is anonymous copying and pasting his or her comments....?:(

mothpete said...

Yes, I've got a christian cyber stalker who insists on harrassing me. Weird scary nasty piece of work who tries to intimidate with cryptic messages and personal taunts.

WWJD eh? Honestly, some of these xtian zealouts are just unbalanced.