Jokes 4 Jeebus

Doug Stanhope has already beaten me to it and set up a comprehensive thumbnail list of the best and funniest Christian videos at his site. "Religion is all about silly, made-up stories, so let's point the finger at it and laugh."

Here's a classic stand-up comedy piece from his site that was also posted on today. "Doug Stanhope - Would you Believe if...?"

  • If you had never heard of the Bible and stumbled across it at a used book store... how quick would you recognise that as true? Would you say, "Yeah, yeah, the flood, the ark, this sounds incredibly true, this is exactly what I was looking for", you'd throw it in the trash would you not?


tina FCD said...

Hope you don't mind, I stole the vid and posted it on my 360 blog, I loved it!

Eek said...

I wouldnt buy it in the first place cos the cover always sux.