Walking on Water

It's the second resurection of Christ. Before the world ends he wants to take in some fishing. So he gets his friend Moses and they head up to Minnesota to fish. They are about to rent a canoe when Moses says: "Jesus, can't you still walk on water? Why not just walk out there?"

So Jesus takes his reel and tackle and steps onto the lake....and falls knee deep in water.

Moses says, "Well....maybe you need a head start or something, why not go to the end of the dock and try."

So Jesus takes his reel and tackle and steps off the end of the dock and falls up to his waist.

Moses says, " Well why not rent the boat, go out to the center of the lake and try there."

So they rent the boat and go to the middle of the lake, Jesus is about to step off and try again when...

Moses says, "Wait. Just to be safe, why not get yourself into the state of mind you were in the first time you did it."

So Jesus sets down, meditates for a few minutes, and finally he's all psyched up, and steps out of the canoe.... ..and precedes to drown. So Moses does the water parting thing, and pulls Jesus up into the boat.

Jesus is just beating himself up over this. He just doesn't see what's going wrong here. Moses just stares down at the bottom of the boat.

Suddenly, Moses says, "I got it! I know what's wrong! Did you have those holes in your feet last time?!?!"


Eek said...

Meh, heard this one before.


mothpete said...

I don't really like jokes, but I post em if I want to fill in space.. but only if I hadn't heard them before. I hadn't... so.. yeah it is kinda lame.

I need a pic to go with it perhaps.

or I could have not done it in the first place, but then. who cares eh... I just want to get to my thousandth post quicker. What happens then? fame - fortune.. surely.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

That's a good one.