Suppose - for a moment - that there is no god

Contributor - Gordonliv

But suppose now - for a moment - that there is no god. Would anything be different? Might there be nothing at all, instead of this vast and ever changing universe? Or could the atheist viewpoint (incomplete as it is) also possibly prevail?

f there is a god/gods/God, who still is in existence (i.e. he hasn't died and turned to cosmic dust now that his work is done), who has the power to create a universe (a very clever thing, if you ask me!) and who has given us a book about it all... why - in his infinite power - would he allow the "horrors" that are spoken of in this life to prevail?

Let's think of a hypothesis:

I have a hamster and a guinea pig. Both of them know me. Both of them understand me - at least insofar (ooh, I sound like a lawyer... notwithstanding!) as they need me to provide them with the basic essentials of life. I provide food for them. I provide water for them. I give them a nice, clean, comfy cage full of straw and bedding and nuts (or whatever hamsters and guinea pigs eat!) and also provide them with lots and lots of love... you might say, in hamster language, I provide them with infinite love, given that they couldn't possibly understand the vast intellect (ha!) of their provider.

But then I find out that they're fighting. If I put them in the cage together, they'll bite and scratch and harm each other... possibly even to the death.

What would I do about this? Allow it to continue?

No, of course not. I'd separate them out. I'd say to them, "Stop it, both of you. I love you both equally, but if you can't get along with each other, because you fight over what I give you, then I'll put you in separate cages."

And that's what I'd do. Separate them out. Give one cage to the hamster, and another to the guinea pig. Then all the violence would be over, but they could still "know" me as their provider and giver of infinite love.

God could do that.

He could do anything.

So, why doesn't God create some new planets? The Jews could have one, the Muslims could have one, and the Christians could have one. Then all these horrible car bombs (they fill them with gas canisters and nails, you know) would no longer be necessary. What would the atheists get? Well, given that God has to stop the fighting, it would be only fair that each monotheistic religion would have to be moved to a new planetary development, otherwise there'd be bickering about that too.

So God may as well leave us atheists here on Earth! Then we could get on with everything without him... and them.

Makes perfect sense to me! God, did you get that? God? God...? Hello...?

He's not answering...


Anonymous said...

I know that this forum is not suppose to be for religous people, but was made so all non-belivers could fester in each others hate of all things religous. But I think that secretly the majority of people here like it when the odd religous comment gets thrown in, giving them something to jeer and argue over. (or not). Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling and give you my thoughts, whether you want them or not (you probably won't).

Firstly, I comend you Mothandrust (nice name), on your outstanding care and love you provide to your hamster and guinea pig. I hope they stop fighting and become best of friends. But I feel that you have done the human race a small misjustice by comparing them with your hamster and guinea pig (cute as they may be). It would be most inhumane of an all knowing loving good to cage us humans up in cages. Instead he gave us a vast and pleantiful world full of everything we need. If say there was a God then who gave us the free will to choose whether to be good or bad, to love hate or not belive in him, then originally everyone on Earth would of had the same type of religon. Slowly people would give in to the worldly desires and choose to forget or turn their back on him. This would create a world much like it is today. Hypothetically it would be a waste of Gods time and energy to create more planets to fit in every type of belief. For a starters, it wouldn't be long before many in the Christian planet decided to turn it's back on him, leaving him back to where he was in the first place. If I was God, lucky I'm not, I wouldn't want to even keep a planet of people who disobeyed, and abused me (especially if they killed my son). Would you want to keep a disobeydeant hamster that would always try to bite you whn you picked it up? (personally I would kill it). So when you look at it more closley your plan doesn't make as much sense as you say it does. Thankyou for trying to make the universe a better place though, I'm sure God appreciates your thoughts, but from now on I think you should leave the planning to the maker of the universe as he has had far more experiance then you.

Without a little suffering and fighting in the world we would not know and appreciate what love, peace, friendship, and happiness is all about. Every feeling would just be the same rendering joy useless. So help out the suffering, but don't feel bad for them. Because it is when we suffer that we really apperiate how good the good times really were.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Probably long enough to make pleanty of spelling and gramer mistakes. As well as giving you a good chance of finding something in my speech which you can disagree with, which is to be expected, so I am going to stop.

P.S - God loves you and it is never to late to let him in to your lifes.

P.P.S - If I am wrong and you are right, what have I lost - nothing, and what have you gained - nothing. But if I am right and you are wrong, what have I gained - everything, and what have you lost - everything.
Think about giving God another go, whats the worst that can happen.

mothpete said...

1. Thanks for the compliment on my name but the authour of that particular post was from gordon (as you'll see in the start of it) and gordon doesn't read the comments usually.

2. I gave up looking for logic in your arguement after the first paragraph.

3. I read the PPS though and I would reverse the question back onto you and ask you, what if you are wrong about your God, and instead you're supposed to be worshipping Allah, the Muslim God who commands you to worship him? If you are wrong, then that means you will go to hell forever and ever for not worshipping him. What then? If Islamic Fundamentalists are correct then you are at this very moment an infidel who deserves to be punished for your betrayal of The Great Allah!

When you are standing before Allah, cowering in your shoes, it will be too late. You will try to beg like a dog for Allah to forgive you and let you into heaven, but there is no chance that he will. Then you might remember this email to you and Islamic Fundementalists commanding you to listen to their Prophet Muhammad and follow his laws, but sorry. You will be in hell, without hope or relief. The Koran says that there is a lot of praying to Allah in Hell. You should consider all of the other gods who 'may' be right. what have you to lose?

Stew said...

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Ignore if you've already been it


Eek said...


"Without a little suffering and fighting in the world we would not know and appreciate what love, peace, friendship, and happiness is all about... So help out the suffering, but don't feel bad for them. Because it is when we suffer that we really apperiate how good the good times really were."

Omg. Thats dreadful. This person has obviously never suffered or had a child with cancer or anything remotely "sufferable". And that "holier than tho" attitude can just fuck right off!!

Why when people have strong beliefs (christian or otherwise) do they suddenly get all "superior"????

Maybe I'm just having a bad day, but... pfft.