Some Christians are either bullshit artists or completely insane

What do you make of people who make fanciful bullshit stories as follows (this testimony was shared with us recently in a forum I haunt:

Let me explain it like this. The most profound time I heard the audible voice of God. I was alone in my loungeroom and without any expectation, the Holy Spirit came upon my person in power. I was immediately taken from my body and I went immediately to Heaven. What I saw there was beyond capability of being described but most importantly Jesus spoke to me. He actually shouted at me in a very loud voice and He said " I am coming back" The shout was so loud that it was almost deafening and if every electronic power amplifier on earth was turned right up full blast loud, it wouldn't match the decibels of God when He shouts.... So this revelation has shown me three things 1) Jesus is real 2) Jesus is coming back and 3) there is an existance that completely transcends this mortal existance that we live in now. And this existance that transcends the mortal is eternal. Now a revelation of this sort of magnitude does not in any way make me any more spiritual than other christians, but as I write this to you in trembling, I am in the realization that one day Jesus will hold me personally accountable for the message He imparted to me. Have I been faithful to that message ??
This is the mega tangible experience we were given to prove the Bible is not a fairy-tale. Makes the speaking in tongues 'evidence' sound pretty pathetic. I think it only fair that all christians get the grand tour of heaven when the enter into the club. No respector of persons? pfft... sounds like special treatment to me and I'm seriously thinking of sending a letter of complain off to management for not getting the tour when I joined up.

It's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' crap like this that make so many Christian testimonies come across as fairytales. I have to stand up for rationalists and realists everywhere and say 'bullsit' mate. Absolute bullshit. My sister tells pretty much the same story word for word and I've heard it from many a christian who are either seeking attention or are experiencing some sort of mental delusion akin to people who are swept up by aliens into a mothership for poking and prodding. My sister was able to put some of the 'experience' into words. She said she saw mostly built white mansions and streets of glowing gold.

I'm wondering why we need mansions for the spiritual bodies? Will there be ensuites for spiritual toiletry, and will the gold streets be a bit slippery? And why gold? That much gold will make it less valued and just not as practical as bitumen.

Now no doubt you're going to get your back up and you may even suggest as you have recently that 'I' seek professional mental help, but it's not me that is getting visions via white supermen with wings. I do find it quite fascinating, but I think you would do mankind a big favour by humbly admitting that your sense of reality has been warped by conscious lucid dreaming or some lie that you want to believe so much that you're willing to stand by it whole-heartedly.

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