Self defense for alter boys

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*The self-defense techniques are only to be used on sexually aggressive clergymen. Most priests are swell guys. (This disclaimer presented as a tip o' the hat to Catholic League president William Donohue.)


Anonymous said...

I prefer this method..... Get together with a bunch of friends and go rip the mother-fucking priests penis of with a pair of Vice-Grips. That way you can be sure he won't molest any more young boys... And then go thank Geebus for forgiving your sin.

snakey said...
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AIGBusted said...

That cartoon is hilarious... And kind of creepy!!

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Eek said...

Lol... thats disgusting.

I think I need a shower now to cleanse myself.

And like, wash my hair.

Anonymous said...

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rmacapobre said...

unbelievable as it seems .. back here, we had just allowed a priest to roam free because the church paid the victim off and dropped the charges .. i guess to these people (the victim and the church) money's more important than human dignity.