Do You Suffer From Mottephobia? (Fear of Moths)

Lay not up treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt - Mat 6:19

Rust will eat your car and moths will eat the upholstery... so yeah... bad. They're usually bad guys (Killer Moth is among Batman's rogue gallery), and they're generally scary: A giant mothman appeared to some Americans to warn them a bridge was soon to collapse (crap btw - and no-one took any notice of the giant talking Moth's warnings).

I relate to moths... they are mostly active at night; they're almost inquisitively drawn to the light; they excrete pheromones from their feet, and they're always fluttering about in your face - Yep, all just like me.

Symptoms of Mottephobia – fear of moths:breathlessness, excessive sweating, dry mouth, shaking, heart palpitations, inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a ensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.

CindyLoo - I recently found out, after reading up on human decomposition - 50-365 days after death, the body is dry and decay proceeds at a slower rate. Eventually all hair and skin is consumed by moths, bacteria, and mites, leaving only bones. Okay, that now put moths in a whole new category of disgust for me!

Miranda G - FINALLY! People who agree with me. My proof that Moths are evil: They start off as grubs, then morph. MORPH! Shapeshifters morph and shapeshifters = evil. *nods* I told my friend I was going to destroy the butterflies as part of my personal duty to the world to rid it of evil, and she wrote up a petition to stop me. Even my damn science teacher signed it! But that doesn’t matter, because she’s actually a demon. THE demon. She has sulfur! SULFUR!!

JJ - Don’t know if this is the case in other countries, but Australian moth are HUGE
1. Their body are fat and hairy and u don’t want to kill it by squashing it2. They fly irratically, the next second u look, they r comin rite for your face. Their covered in gross moth dust.

Lily - I hate moths. They just fucking flutter around and they come at you. I swear, if they know your scared. they will fuck with you. ONE FLEW INTO MY MOUTH WHILE I WAS SCREAMING. I thought of a name for this phobia though - Flutterphobia.

Jennifier - I cannot go outside during the summer because i am so scared of them they are just so creepy! i live on a farm so it is immpossible to avoid them! I wan to get over this fear so i can once again enjoy it sunshine during the summer!

Meghan - Butterflies taste with their feet - that’s why the evil little bastards like to land on things they shouldn’t, LIKE US.

Nella - I swear that a moth bit me once and evrybody says that they dont bite but I’m glad I came across this page because I knew thay did bite.

Hetty - the end I hit it with my shoe... I hate killing things but I think I hate moths even more!!!

Narsis - When I was little my sister and brother use to pull off their wings and put them all over me, in my face and in my hair.. and they used to lock me in a closet with butterflies fluttering around everywhere.

Wow, some of these stories are frakked up. If you locked me in a closet with butterflies I think I'd rip out my own jugular in seconds. Look, toads I can understand, vile freaking ugly disgusting little shit blobs of evil, but Moths? They're just butterflies with 'earthy' colours. I suppose moth dust is kind of blahhh... Seek help here and here and a forum.


Eek said...

Mottephobia, no I guess I don't have it.

But Moth-a-phobia... you betcha.

Cept maybe the fear of dying symptom, you can leave that one out.

Eek said...

And btw, these people are freaks.

Even freakier than the god botherers who come pounding on your door on a Sunday morning or a Friday evening with their "good news"... news which tends to dwell more on the ending of the world as we know it than anything good.

Like, seriously, how the fk is a moth or butterfly going to actually hurt you? "Oh no it landed on me and put dusty mothy crap on me and that hurts my feelings". Pfft.

Eek said...

P.S. Same goes for toads. They might be ugly and gross (and yes I girly scream if one jumps near me) but they can't actually hurt you.