Atheist Morality Blogalogue

All eyes on the "Babble, bullshit, blasphemy and being" blog. No pressure guys...

I have begun a blogalogue with theist blogger Rhology on the subject of morality. Both blogs will carry the full text of the conversation. Do we need a god to be moral? Let's find out. Rhology opens things up with the first post.

Don't leave comments here... leave them there. What are comments anyway? I'm glad I don't make a living from comments. I do recommend you click on the adultfriendfinder link at the bottom of my page and join up so I can make some pocket money. Yeah, good idea eh, find an adult friend to play backgammon with, or find a friend, or a date, or a swinger couple, or a F.B. Hmm, now that wouldn't be very ethical... for some I suppose, what was this blog about? Moral and ethics... find a moral and ethical adult friend.

1 comment:

Eek said...

Morality, hmm. Interesting. I should blog about morality... but I'd have to lie and pretend I have good morals lol.

And you're encouraging people to get a Fuck Buddy now? Eek.

*watches morality fly out the window at a rate faster than superman's fastest ever fly around the world speed*

My advice to you and your immoral readers (hehe) - if you are chasing a FB - always pick someone that you don't like too much. Otherwise the whole emotion/love thing pops up. And that never works out well lol.

As Mika says... suck on a lollipop or love's gonna get you down.

And I think it has to be a red one, but I'm not sure.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, morals. Morality. Reminds me of sexuality... mind in the gutter again. Sigh.