Sarah Silverman (vs Paris Hilton): Jesus is Magic

I didn't even know this gal, Sarah Silverman, did stand-up comedy... I've been missing out, but I've been making up for it quick. How could I have missed a movie called "Jesus is Magic". I love it when comedians bust the taboos and go further than what is politically correct. More of it from America I say. Go gal.

Sarah's getting a bit of press over her comments about Paris Hilton, and that's fine, every man and his blog are looking to ride the google keyword wave, so why not outspoken comedians. I watched a heap of paris verse Sarah and you know what? Paris sounded quite mature and sensible to me (call me crazy) but then I found out about her 'finding God' in jail - pffft, I suppose even I might start tripping out like that in a jail cell. I like Paris... I liked some of her 'Simple Life' tv series, I liked her porno video, I think she's cute, and I didn't completely hate 'Stars are blind'. Okay, you can question my sanity anytime you like... I know I do.

Anyway, back to Sarah Silverman - in her first stand-up comedy shockumentary "The Aristocrats," comedian proved she could be every bit as crass as many of her vile male cohorts, which is really saying something. However, in her first concert movie, subtitled "Jesus Is Magic," she goes even further with her caustic verbal assaults. No subject is off limits as she discusses and parodies racism, organized religion (mostly Christian), AIDS and the 9/11 tragedy.

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Handsome B. Wonderful said...

That's f**king hilarious. I've liked what I've seen of her and I've been meaning to check out this full feature but haven't. Now I have the motivation. Thanks!!