Quotes I can relate to from recent ex-Christians

I work in corrections, so I see a lot of people who have done bad things. I've learned that being professional and reasonable goes a lot farther when dealing with people then being rude and thoughtless. I've also learned that pretending to care does nothing for people. Commandments like "love your enemy" and "do good to those that persecute you" seem misplaced when dealing with dictators, sex offenders or serial killers. I should think that the Bible should say, "Be fair-minded and just with those who are your enemies. Respond with reason and integrity toward those who persecute you." That makes far more sense than loving your enemies. Bill J

The Christian faith served me for a time, albeit not very well. It kept me immaturely dependent upon an invisible God to guide my life and meet my needs when I should have shouldered those responsibilities myself. I would have saved a lot of heartache and grief had I done so. George R Davis

Every pre-Christianity religion
(Osirian, Hinduism, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, and others), and Christianity as well, have their own texts (bibles), books that were put together by men influenced by their 'imagination.' And it was men who gave a mystical interpretation to their legends, myths, and fables that were passed down from early generations. Mary R

Despite all of my objection
part of me still wishes from time to time that I could believe. That I could experience those good feelings again. But I also want to know the truth and I don’t want to commit myself to an idea or belief if I don’t have a solid reason to believe it in the first place. So unless something miraculous happens, I don’t believe I will ever be returning to the faith again, at least not the faith that I was raised to believe in. - Gregg T

“The only inner problem that I face now is a philosophical one,
“I am not unhappy about the fact that there might not be a God,” Jonathan Edwards says. “I don’t feel that my life has a big, gaping hole in it. In some ways I feel more human than I ever have. He says. “If there is no God, does that mean that life has no purpose? Does it mean that personal existence ends at death? They are thoughts that do my head in. One thing that I can say, however, is that even if I am unable to discover some fundamental purpose to life, this will not give me a reason to return to Christianity. Just because something is unpalatable does not mean that it is not true.” - Atheist Dad
I’ll warn ya
being willing to change can be a terrifying aspect. We don’t like change. Change is uncomfortable and scary. What if you change to something that is equally as wrong? What if willingness to change is seen as a lack of faith? For me, the fear of being wrong about God by refusal to change outweighed the uncertain prospect of allowing the change. Thus my first step on a journey I am glad I took… Dagwood S

The concept of belief,
knowledge, how do we know what we think we know, what is belief anyway, why does Christianity in one sentence say "we believe" and then by slight of hand, the next minute, assume absolute knowledge. Is this not deceptive?. I remember the moment I realized that I no longer believed; it was almost like an epiphany. Their was a tinge of sadness, anger that so much had been lost in my life for superstition, also a feeling of such freedom like the first time in spring when the sun has strength enough to warm your face. -
Scott D

There's no such thing as a "sin"
. By calling someone's actions a "sin", you are falsely implying that there exists a "Divine" universal "code", and from there, implying that there exists a "Divine" giver of said "code", and that this giver's "Word" is intrinsically "ethical", no matter what---no "if", "ands", or "buts". WRONG. For example, killing innocent people is unethical, whether a "God" condones it, or not; stoning rebelious teenagers is unethical, whether a "God" says it is, or not. If "Jesus" started telling Christian parents that it's "okay" to throw rocks at their teenaged children if they should become rebelious, what percentage of Christians do you think would actually start doing it? And if there was a small percentage of mentally ill people who would actually follow through, thus, causing division amongst "followers", which group would be considered the "True Christians"?...the ones who pelt their kids with rocks?... or the one's who choose not to? - BoomSLANG

We are the enemies of God?
- Christianity teaches that we are enemies of God by default, all for the crime of being born with the stain of a single man's sin on our souls. It teaches that the only way we can escape the inevitable punishment for such a heinous crime is to believe in a man without the aid of any helpful proof. -
Brooke T

Jesus got it wrong - the early Christians made up their own ways or methods on how to understand what Jesus said. None of those methods are used today by any Christians anywhere. The literalists did not take it literally like Christians do today; today’s Christians invented their own literalist methods.- By R. S. Martin

Help! My husband thinks I'm the devil's puppet - People tried to say he could have asked Jesus into his heart in those last moments before his death. Isn't it convenient that you can do that? You can just assume all the non-believers who you love actually did accept Christ at the last second, and then you don't have to face the actual scary, cruel teachings of your religion. -


Eek said...

Lol. I've been called evil before... and the puppet of satan... funny.

Ahh, so many fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!!! My son married a Christian...
We're not good enough now since I was raised and abandoned Catholicism and my husband was raised and abandoned Methodism.
New grandson in April, we're not allowed to touch!
What is with these people? Completely brainwashed?

mothpete said...

I think Christians should temporarily become catholics or atheists for a while and see what it's like to walk in different shoes. Didn't their god do that when he took his magical human form. dunno.

Imagine if I became a christian again? I'd be a really nice one I think. Hmmm... there are all sorts of levels of christianity. The ones on certain levels should really be shipped to their own island.