Jurassic Ark - The Lost World of Freaking Reason and Logic... sheesh

The $27 million Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is scheduled to open on May 28 in Petersburg, KY, amidst protests by the reality-based community. This museum is not only a colossal embarrassment to those of us who value reason, science, and reality itself, but it undermines science education at a time when the United States cannot afford to fall behind in science and technology. - VJACK
It's just so... cringey. It makes me cringe. 27 million dollars? By Zeus, that's an obscene amount of money to promote mythology! Our aboriginal Australians have their stories about the 'Dreamtime' when giant serpents carved out the landscape etc. but if they started spending a large fortune making museums and selling it as fact... well, we'd all roll our eyes in amusement at that. That millions of people believe dinosaurs were led onto a large wooden boat with kangaroos and crocodiles and koalas - that's just sad.

Dinosaurs on the freaking Ark - Jurassic Ark - what a joke. Stegosauruses, Brontosauruses, Veloceraptors, Pterodactyls, Pteradons, Sabretooths, dodos, platypuses, diplodicusses, triceroptosses, the spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3, those big lizards from the islands that start with a G.

But just like in ancient times when we used to pray to Thor to help us out in times of drought, the need to petition gods for help continues. Christians will live happily in their creationist ignorance and pass on the precious fables to their wide-eyed young 'uns, and they in turn will sleep easy in the knowledge that someone is looking out for them. Sleeping easy was something Noah had a hard fucking time doing... he had fucking Veloceraptors on his boat! Have you seen those bastards! Big fucking claw talons that rip the shit out of things. He didn't have only Dinotopia on his floatboat, he had T-freaking-rexes!

Time to balance out the stupidity (any help at all for our de-evolving population) with this following Youtube. The guy is not precocious or aggressive or condescending. It's just a good and reasonable sober response to creationism, and is a pleasure to watch. You won't disagree... unless you're Smirk Cameron, that is. 'Growing Pains' - sheesh - grow up dude... sha la la la...


tina FCD said...

You cracked me up about the Velociraptors. Can't you just picture that?!!

Eek said...

Wow... you used the F word.

Sigh, I'm so proud.