Satan believes in God, therefore God exists

Apparently I do believe in God, I just won't admit to it. One cocky seventeen year old fellow, Micah Sonatra, (Deven Hoffpauir, with his truly kitschy myspace) who I thought was a middle-aged lady, said that it was obvious God existed because even Lucifer believes in God - that was the crux of his argument. What the..! Stating that one imaginary character exists because another imaginary character believes it exists is like saying, "Of course Santa Clause is real, heck... even the tooth fairy knows that".
Sonatra: You see, you have no case. This is your case and still you think you have a case. This isn't about wheter or not God exists. You know God exists.

Umm... no, but I think it absolutely amazing that you think you can tell people what they believe. No, I don't believe there is a god and you telling me that I do isn't going to change that. I don't believe there's a bogeyman under my bed.

Sonatra: The God you guys apparently don't believe in, yet still feel the need to mock - a God you believe doesn't exist

I can't speak for everybody else, but I think I'm mocking your beliefs and possibly you personally, not the imaginary friend you play with.

Sonatra: To see that no matter how much I care about monsters, I can't save them.

Ahhh, such a flatterer... you could love your enemies, or simply call them names.

Sonatra: and I will now take my leave. Take heed, for punishment draws near, wheter you belive in it or not. Just because you don't believe in a sword, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Are you really gonna leave? 'cause you said something like that about 12 posts ago when you said you aren't to throw your pearls to swine. My invisible pink unicorn keeps me safe from invisible swords, so I'll be fine I think. It really is cringey when Christians start talking in Ye Olde English.

Sonatra: Goodbye, I have said all that is required of me to say.

If any of those other little voices in your head tell you to do anything involving swords, knives or weaponry again, could you do your neighbours a favour and drive out into the desert immediately.
I used to hide behind the agnostic label, but after watching the following videos (I kinda like watching cute girls talk about atheism) and reading Douglas Adams, I felt that the agnosticism just isn't me. I certainly ain't Christian, I ain't Agnostic either.
"When you know you're right, you like to let people know..."


Anonymous said...

this guy who's shaving - if he knows he's right, isn't he like an evangelist for atheism or bacon eating jewish atheism or something?

Baconeater said...

Micki is way better looking than me, that is for sure:)

Anon, I know I'm right about an ancient earth and evolution. If that makes me an evangelist, then I'm an evangelist. Whatever floats your boat.

snakey said...

I don't much enjoy reading the 'baconjew' blog. Very biased towards Israelis.............but that's all very kosher I suppose?!

snakey said...

Aww...I just took a peek at 'sonny boys' blog. How cute..I feel sorry for him. So a fluffy litte boy ba lamb.

ya fall in love hard at that age don't ya.

snakey said...

Oh yeah...funny how the BEAJ blogger gets around the web...mention his name & he sniffs it out.