You are here. Well, I am, you're not. Wish you were here... not. Here's the damn blog

Moranbah.... you are here!

...Click the pic pictures of the house and the entrance to Moranbah. Callum is pointing at a big black spot on the map, but it's not all that bad - Really! So far I've only noticed a few really hot days out here. Seems comparable to the coast, in my opinion. I like the weather here. Actually, this morning it was fresh and cold and we've hardly needed to use the aircondtioners... plus, it's been raining regularly.

I woke up feeling sick, but I'm not a sicky-from-work kinda guy. I suffer from guilt-stress I think; probably from all those churchy years. I want to save my sickies for when I'm really sick, because they'll be coming, sure as Simpsons repeats. Anyway, I woke up today and the car wouldn't start, and the bike tyre was flat... it wasn't yesterday. Ahh, yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. I had to use the scooter to get to school, which was sorta cool. But one word of advice... don't try loading up a scooter with a 24 pack of Pepsi-Max. I went to Coles last night and I tried to stand on top of the Pepsi to ride it home. After the second crash it got messy. The blokey miners in this town don't seem to take this sort of crap, by the looks on some faces. I don't care... stupid is as stupid does.

Jasmine and Callum rode home from school alone and got lost on the way. She fell off her bike and came home crying and being a wuss. Sorry Jas, but if you fall off your bike ya gotta get back on again. I got in trouble for sending my wife off to the car electrician on foot and carrying a heavy battery. Life's a bitch but what are ya gonna do eh? Sorry Kess, you should use the scooter next time.

One of Jasmin's first words were 'Wally'. She got it from repeatedly wanting to replay Wallace and Grommit. I wonder if it was an omen? Her father would once become the biggest wally of them all. We shouldn't have dismissed the warning so flippantly.

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