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This is funny... I swear to God it is! Even Christians will laugh.

Alan won't.


Rhology said...

You're wrong - I DID laugh! And for some reason the narrator's thick snobby British accent "Yo my bad" adds to the humor.
At least for an American - for some reason English accents lend an air of elevated culture and education to dang near anything one might say, to American ears. But I kind of doubt that same nuance comes across to an Australian.
But yeah, quite funny.

Anonymous said...

"But I kind of doubt that same nuance comes across to an Australian."

Of course it does. Perhaps you don't see a difference in the accents between Australia and Britain. We surely do. Believe me. More arrogance and ignorance from you.

We often think British humour goes way above the heads of Americans.

Rhology said...

Geez, touchy touchy. It's not *my* fault your life is a wasted lie and that you need to lash out to feel better.


All I was saying was that I was wondering aloud whether this intrinsic funniness that a British accent imparts to American ears when narrating things like this video translates the same way to an Australian.
A simple "Actually, yes it does" would suffice.
And I know the accent is different between Britain and Australia. And I know Britain has dozens of distinct accents, way more diverse than America.
I can't believe I'm even typing this. I'm done.

It was still funny.

mothpete said...

Well, Alan did find it funny... because well, it is.

I deleted a few replies and comments here because I was just too embarrassed by my behaviour to keep them on-line. I took offense to Alan's comments, when there was no malice intended, and I went into one of my attack modes. My online persona really scares me sometimes.

I did apologise to him (and I meant it sincerely) and he accepted it.