Three gods in one

How many gods are there? Do we really need three? I was told recently that we are made in his image... in three parts. Hmm, I don't really think I have three parts. Perhaps two - body and brain. I think the concept of 'soul' is a human construct and that my mind is my soul. Also, most trinity believers seem to think that God is three separate persons in one... three distinct personalities each capable of thought but unified in one omnipresence. Well, my body doesn't think for itself, it just reacts to stimuli. My persona is made up of two things:

Body - Incapalbe of thought and usuallly reactive, linked by a nervous system to my cerebral 'wet-drive'
Mind - Capable of thought. Electrical impulses stored within my brain (and recent studies are finding that memories aren't limited to the brain completely).
Although some say I have multiple personalities (I really wish I was insane sometimes), the concept of a soul that will live on in another magic life after this one is a nice one, but not easy or truly logical to accept. It would be an interesting thing if it happens though. If not, I won't know about it 'cause I'll be dead and nonexistant like I was for the previous infinite years before I was born.

"(cause God made all of us) and we all have a vacuum inside that causes us to
search and question, ask, seek and knock or whatever. I believe that God reveals
himself to anyone who genuinely searches for him. "

For one to search in the first place shows a degree of sincerity. How long must one search? Should one stop when the believe they've found God? We'd all still be in the Revivals if that was the case. I'm not sure if we have a vacuum, but we're certainly inquisitive. This has lead us to explore and develop our world and ourselves. It's a result of being alive - we're capable of the free thought having a mind. We search for meaning when all we actually have is random happenings. When this chaos mathematically works in our favour every now and again, we bestow it to 'God'. This is the reason every civilisation has woven deep mythologies into their psyches and history.

ALL churches want to separate themselves from the heathens... from the gentiles... from the non-beleivers... from anyone who disagrees with them. I hate separatists. Yeah, there's life outside of these cults and churches, but there is life within them too. I think of my family members who are tied up in a Revival church - they're genuinely happy in there, and I support them (believe it or not). I have other siblings in other pentecostal churches too, and I really feel they would not be able to survive without it as a crutch. They've invested every fibre of their being to the church system as a lifeline.

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