Speaking in tongues for the ego

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All tongues seems to do is provide an elitist schism. Us vs them. Saved vs unsaved. It's tick box Christianity. It fools naive newcomers to marvel at the weird unusual goings on and sucks them into varying years of ignorance until they wake up to it... or don't.

I was a Revivalist for nearly two decades, I prayed in double dutch and prayed for people to get it. It's a learned behavior and the sooner people see through the charade the better. A miracle is when water is walked on or bones are meshed or when a tumor disappears. The unintelligible gibberish we chant to a God who can hear our hearts desire way before we even speak it is far from a miracle.

I actually fully believed my tongue gift for all those 17 years. It was nice to fit in and be one of the gang in the superfriends fan club. I thought it was absolutely amazing (or I convinced myself I did) that I could speak in tongues and I went door knocking everywhere so I could persuade the ignorant masses of the salvation that comes through the ability to say Honda Hyundai . I actually practiced my amazing gift well and could mimic many different types of languages (not that hard - and I did believe it was a spiritual linguistic power moving through me).


Cutie said...

Moth - this blog's great (do you mind us posting comments?). I'm really enjoying reading the stuff.
I just wanted to reply to this cos tongues was a big thing for me in my church.
People who couldn't do it were made to feel as if they weren't strong with the Lord. Only the Holy Spirit can give you the gift - they said.
Anyway, a few people (who couldn't speak in tongues) confided in me that they doubted that it was a real "gift" and that people were just babbling.
And guess what? I have now left a fully confirmed evil do-er who's going straight to hell an I can STILL speak in tongues if I want to. Holy Spirit, my a$$!!

mothpete said...

Thanks for posting Dot. Yeah I'm encouraging comments.

What a bizarre world we live in that have people think themselves better than others because they can talk like a two year old...

Mad world.