Sorry people, angels don't exist

I think some people remain Christians because they are left feeling bored and empty when they consider that the world may not have a supernatural dimension. To them, life can seem much more dramatic and dynamic when they imagine that this world is like a giant chess board....with angels and demons intervening into the lives of men and all that...eternal souls at stake...

That is classic 'hitting nail right on the head with a satisfying thud' stuff! I think churches are FULL of drama queens (and kings) who love to profess themselves as demonology experts because they couldn't afford a degree in real life. People who do all this 'farting around' in the spirit (ecstatic languages, slain backwards, laughter fits on the floor) are attention seeking and a bit sad, but also bloody funny.

Often I played along with these demon Vs. angel conversations and play along rather than arguing because it's like playing Dungeons and Dragons. Fun and scary! I remember reading Billy Graham's ridiculous book on angels. He woke in the middle of the night, wandered past his loungeroom and saw a heap of angels in there, battle planning... I imagine lots of whiteboards and furrowed angel faces concerned about a new wave of demons or some crud. Billy G - what a wank.

I have a bad attitude towards 6000 - 6 day creationists as well. I have some contempt for them and, call me a prick, but I just don't like people who try and fit dinosaurs into their 6-day creation mythology or a freaking world wide flood. I wouldn't even buy them a McDonald's 40 cent cone because it would just annoy me too much to try and not throw it at them. I just generally have no time at all for creationist nutters who won't budge. Can't stands 'em I doesn't.

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