Looking for the perfect church

I see many Christians leaving and joining churches looking for the closest to perfect one they can find, or at least the closest set of doctrines to the ones they've come to believe in. I think it's a quest for the Holy Grail and that they will die trying to find it. Part of the problem, I believe, is that churches try to set themselves up as little spiritual aquariums, where they drag their fishy friends into. A place that is safe, pseudo-happy and holy. Meanwhile, outside the tank, the real church of life is moving along. Stuttering and bumbling along... in all its beauty, horror, harmony and chaos - yeah it's real and often sucks... but that's life.

Find a church that manages to recreate the glory of God within its walls... sets up rules... doctrines... hierarchy... specialist meetings for every age and etc... and what you will end up with is a place with some level of control.

Part of the fun of setting up an aquarium or greenhouse is to control the environment within and hope you can keep the contents alive. Outside the tank... in the estuaries and the sea... the fish are happy and free.

Douglas Adams was a very famous atheist. I used to hate him for it. Now, after reading his journals and books many times I respect his belief and I really love the guy - dead as he is. He really saw the utter ridiculousness of religion and God. That Earth is actually a long running program is how I see churches. Billions of people running around in confusion and trying to work out the meaning to the question to the answer of the meaning of life... victory, loss, mistakes, learning, redemption, sacrifice, faith.. all part of the program.

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