Jim Carrey tells America the unfortunate truth

Jim Carrey was on Letterman tonight promoting his new movie, 'The Number 23', and had some simple truth to share about life. He laid it out to America bluntly and humanely.

(paraphrased) "Life is unstable, Dave. It's completely unstable and we're all unsafe. I'm sorry America, but there's nothing we can do about it, we're all potentially in great danger and it's a scary place. We're sitting precariously on a number of tectonic plates sliding around on a sphere of molten magma, spinning at 6000 miles per hour. The only thing we can be sure of is that 'The Number 23' will open on February 23."

Sure he was plugging his movie and being as awesome as I and other Jim Carrey fans believe him to be, but there was a poignant truth in his words. He's no lame ass Christian who was trying to apologize on God's behalf for letting tragedies occur; he was just telling it like it is. We're fragile and are at the mercy of the elements. Praying for a hurricane to stop coming won't stop it, neither will prayer for cancer. We do what we do to keep ourselves sane though eh? I don't think I'm winning that war.

The movie is about a guy who keeps finding the number 23 popping up in his life and is drivin' to distraction by it. This should be a great movie for the Bible Numerics fans. 23 is going to be the next big number. Forget 42 and 37... the new popular number is 23.


I Moejoey was reading the Bruce Almighty entry at Wikipedia when I found this odd bit. I posted it here because it might not be there tomorrow.

The film caused controversy because God contacts Bruce using an actual phone
number rather than a number in the standard fictional 555 telephone exchange.
The original telephone number was 776-2323. No area code was included. Several
people and groups sharing this number have received hundreds of phone calls from
people wanting to talk to God. Oddly enough, some of the calls went to a church
located in Sanford, North Carolina, whose pastor also shared the same first name
as the Jim Carrey's character in the movie.

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