Are we all just evil bastards destined to destroy our own planet?

I don't think we're evil, but are perhaps overly self-centered and self-serving when left to our own devices and instincts. In our defense though we've needed to survive under harsh environments and have sometimes had to look after ourselves while we've evolved or progressed. Our peripheral vision and perception of reality is solely ours and we look out primarily for number one. Of course I think maternal/ paternal instincts and social rules dictate that we love each other and try to work as communities if we want to be happy.

Our survival instincts are not themselves evil (but maybe that's just semantics and a matter of perception)... We just have to go beyond ourselves and work as teams rather than sole entities. Then as teams or tribes we also tend to become self interested and cliquey -sigh- so we defend our tribes or selfishly invade others to make our tribes bigger and stronger. Again, not evil, just the way we work as sentient beings who are condition for the survival of the fittest.

I just don't know about describing myself or ourselves as evil. Sure I'm a freaking wally sometimes, but not inherently evil (That's a matter of opinion though as I do know a few people who wouldn't hesitate to label me that way). The word implies an unnatural state of being to me and I don't think we deserve it. Although men are all 'bastards', I know of some girls who are just plain unevil.

A few million years from now the sharks may evolve and come out of the water to ravage the land in their cold-hearted plight to rule this world. They won't be filled with a supernatural 'evil' but will rather be running on the instincts that drove them to evolve in the first place. It's a drive... a purpose. Who knows? Perhaps the dinosaurs actually died out because they got so big and driven that they eventually ended up eating each other until there was just a few hungry T-rexes running around.

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